Career Opportunities

THM is a division of Audio First Ltd.


My name is Alan Gooding. I am the owner of Audio First Ltd.

I’ve spent a significant part of my life learning to protect myself and that of the companies  I manage.

I have contracted myself through a corporation to train those that refer clients to this company,  about how to start a business, business theories and strategic planning.

Things I’ve accomplished in my life that make it an excellent opportunity to work on a commission  basis with Audio First Ltd are: 

  • Receiving coaching from Olympic Hall Of Fame Coach Dave King 
  • Co-writing the song “Angel Of Delight” with a Canadian Juno nominee
  • An advisor to my first corporation was a Canadian Information Systems Man Of The Year
  • Negotiated with go daddy, and as a result, Audio First Ltd now has an unlimited number of websites available to it.

Audio First Ltd provides business ownership training to individuals and companies that are directly associated with Audio First Ltd.          Contact Us.

The following domains are available to license: